Thursday, September 2, 2010

Oh dear, don't take his PS3 away!

A Florida deputy sheriff is under investigation for allegedly choking his wife after she threated to take away his Playstation 3, the Orlando Sentinel reports.
Lake County Deputy Gary French was not charged nor was he arrested, but was part of an internal investigation conducted by the sheriff's office. Deputies say that French told him that he put a towel around his wife's neck and squeezed after she threated to take away his PS3.
The investigation was forwarded to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. French's punishment for lying to police was a transfer to the local county jail, where he'll work as a detention officer.
Report: Lake deputy accused of choking wife in dispute about his Playstation 3 [Orlando Sentinel]

Oh man, ladies, don't take away your husband's game systems, or make sure he's sane enough to operate without a PS3 in the future!

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  1. if someone would take my PC away i'd go on a killing spree